Variations are used for a product that comes with different attributes, such as colour, size, material, storage and etc.

How to create global variation:

  1. Navigate to the Product Options page
  2. Clicks on + Add Global Variation button
    1. Clicks on Add Global Variation if you want to add a global product variation
  3. In the triggered Add Global Variation modal, fill in the variant details in the configuration form.
  4. Fill in the variation details in the configuration form

Variation Setup

Each of the fields in the variant configuration form will represent a detail for the product variation:

  1. Display Name
    1. The name that the customer will see on the product description page
  2. Unique Name
    1. A unique identifier to differentiate global options.
    2. This setting will only be shown and required when adding a global variation
  3. Type
    1. The type that the variant options will be displayed

    2. Available options:

      1. Image
      2. Color
      3. Button [default]
      4. Dropdown
  4. Values
    1. The variant values that are available for customers to choose

    2. To add a new variant value, you can press the + Add Value button, or press Enter  on your keyboard when typing inside the Values input

    3. You can tick the checkbox of Default to mark the value as the default value for the variant option. No value will be selected in a variant by default

    4. You can delete the variant value by clicking on the Remove button

Save product

  1. Once finish Add Global Variation for the product, click on the Save button

  2. Once you have saved the variant configurations, the variant details will be added in a summary table inside the Variations card

  1. The sequence in this table will represent the sequence that the variations will be displayed in product description page

  2. Each value of a variant option will pair with all the values in other variant options to form variant combinations


  • Variant option 1: Color

    Value 1Value 2

  • Variant option 2: Size

    Value 1Value 2Value 3

  • The variant combinations will be:

    RedRed / SRed / MRed / L
    GoldGold / SGold / MGold / L
  1. You can set up a custom image, SKU, selling price, original price, weight and available stock for each variant combination. You can also determine whether the variant combination is purchasable, and whether it will continue selling when out of stock
    1. The values you fill in the Add/Update Product Step 1: Set up basic product details and Step 2: Set up shipping details will be the default value of the same setting in variant combinations
    2. Exp:
      1. when you set the Selling Price to be 8.99, then all the variant combinations under the same product will have a default value of 8.99 for the Selling Price
  2. The product details on the product description page will be changed according to the variant combination selected by the customer
  3. After finishing the setup, click on the Save button on the global variation at the footer of Add Global Variations form. 
  4. Scroll to the end of the page, and clicks on the Save Button 
  5. Validation will be performed for all settings. If the error notification appears, fix the errors and Save again.

How to apply Global Variation quickly:

  1. Navigate to the Add Product page
  2. Click on Add Global Variation button
  3. In the triggered Add Global Variation modal, selected the product that have been created by ticking the check box and save it.Modal will display all the created global variations. Tick the checkbox to add the global variations to your product

  4. After ticking on the check box, the selected global variations will be appended to the Configure Variation modal

                   Global variations cannot be edited whenever added to a product. You can update its details by navigating back to the Products Option page and clicking on the Edit button to trigger update option modal.